Holiday Fun For Children & Family

6 April 2018 02:07 pm Words : Lakmini Wijemanne Holidays are a time everyone waits excitedly for.  This is true for children especially. Generally, after every three months of school time, children in Sri Lanka get a vacation time for at least two weeks.  This is longer (nearly a month) in August with April and December each getting nearly three weeks. For children it is a time of utter abandonment, away from books, learning and various other activities connected with education. Holidays can be a time that children learn things other than book learning. It can be a time for children to learn the value of being a family. Currently, families are busy moving from one activity to the other, trying to fulfill a multitude of tasks. In most families, where both parents work and children have to go to school, early morning is a time of mayhem. Everyone is in a hurry to get going in their respective activities that there seem to be no time for the family to be together. The evenings are filled with book learning, making dinner, doing homework, getting ready for the next day,…etc. Holidays can be a time for children to engage in different activities that teach them the importance of performing  social activities that help them become better people. Please click on the link below to read full article.,’s-Interest/ group-of-boys-in-swimming-pool


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