Dr. Buddhima Subasinghe Overcame hurdles at a young age; Now she celebrates being ‘A Phenomenal Woman’

“If you want to be successful in this world, you should follow your passion. You need to be focused and do what you love and love what you do. However, in this roller coaster ride of life, we sometimes become confused, worried and messed up and that’s when you need to seek help from your Role Model,” says Dr. Subasinghe as she shared her incredible journey and life lessons with Lanka Woman.

Myths about getting a Labor Epidural

Epidural anesthesia is the most popular method of pain relief during labor in developed countries. Women request an epidural by name more than any other method of pain relief. More than 50% of women giving birth at hospitals use epidural anesthesia.

‘This is an ideal time to win employee confidence and make them loyal to the companies’: Gitanjali Chakravarthy Haaland

Over a year ago we were catapulted into a global crisis. Countries continue to grapple with a pandemic that has claimed millions of lives and is showing no sign of slowing down. It has heightened economic woes, and affected day-to-day lives of almost everyone. Many businesses have collapsed, and some struggle to stay afloat. This is also a time we see how strong leaders thrive amidst a complete catastrophe.

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Trendy Up-Do by Hair Maestro Ramzi

Ramzi the hair maestro introduces a trendy up-do, which is a modern hairstyle with a little touch of vintage essence. It is simple and elegant, and could be worn to any occasion of your choice.

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Mother and Pets

Mothers are busy. That goes without saying. Whether it is housework, or office work, or both, mothers have their daily schedules packed. This is when being a pet mom is rewarding; since then you can relax by interacting with your pets, even though you have a hectic schedule.

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Pregnancy And Baby

In our feature this month we will further discuss the bodily changes of a mother to be and learn more about the baby in the womb. A vital detail to keep in mind during these coming weeks would be to be kind to yourself. You and your systems are working overtime to grow another human being. Physically you might not like what you look like, you might be exhausted. You should be! You are after all doing one of the most difficult tasks of the unive

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Overcoming cancer, how you put up with phisical abuse from your husband,marriage woes,in-law issues,getting along well with your in-laws. what loving mother-in-laws are like,sibiling rivarly for parental land, property, living with a disability, how you reached the top rung of success through hardships etc...

Overcoming cancer, how you put up with phisical abuse from your husband,marriage woes,in-law issues,getting along well with your in-laws.

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Wanderlust Blissful Beaches

Travelling is novel. People who love travelling enjoy visiting new places, meeting and interacting with diverse individuals of various nationalities, experiencing the flavors of unique dishes and having a wonderful time. Travelling, in one word, is freedom. It is one of the activities that gives you amazing experiences and lets you explore the beauty of our world.

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Transform your Kitchen Into an exciting space with these modern ideas

One of the busiest spaces in a Sri Lankan household is the kitchen. For centuries, womenfolk, especially have dominated the kitchen, performing daily chores to feed the family. During special occasions such as a wedding reception or the Sinhala and Hindu New Year, kitchens are filled with the aroma of homemade spices, chitter and chatter of womenfolk, children running around tasting bits and pieces of snacks that are being made etc.

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