Vindya Perera

“I didn’t want to be an Entrepreneur,” mentions Vindya as she recalls her initial thoughts on her life’s ambitions as a little girl, “I just did what I loved to do and eventually became one!” At the age of twenty-nine, Miss Perera has taken the Gem and Jewellery Industry by storm with her creative flair and determined strength to watch her innovative ideas come into fruition in a field that is otherwise fueled by traditional thought processes.

Meet Dr. Chandanamali Punchihewa

From taking up the challenge of treading the lesser traveled paths of scientific research to becoming a co-inventor,

Senior Prof. Janitha Liyanage Ambassador to the Russian Federation

She is also a Scientist in the field of chemistry, Senior Professor in chemistry at University of Kelaniya, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), and Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon, Chartered Scientist and Chartered Chemist (UK), past president of SLAAS, former Vice Chairperson of the UGC and Vice Chancellor, Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicine in Sri Lanka.

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Vindya Perera
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