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Ranmini Eliyapura Adding lustre to the shining legacy of her ancestors

A young, empowered Businesswoman and glittering phenomenon,keen on carrying forward an already rich legacy to greater heights!

Amendra Haputhanthri Director, Sarasavi Bookshop (Pvt) Ltd

Amendra’s influence extends far beyond the store shelves and into the hearts and minds of all those who cherish the written word.

Namalie Herath Managing Partner, GroupM Sri Lanka

Standing out as a beacon of innovation and foresight, she embarks on a remarkable journey that is reshaping the very essence of the media industry.

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Christmas Chic: Ramzi’s Signature Holiday Hairstyle

In preparation for the festive season of Christmas, Ramzi has crafted a captivating holiday hairstyle. Infused with a touch of feminine grace and charm, while exuding a timeless sense of sophistication, Ramzi’s creation for this special occasion is nothing short of a magnificent masterpiece.

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Alarming rates of Divorces in Sri Lanka!Thoughts from a family counsellor

Divorces or the ending of a sacred marriage have not been common in Asian countries such as Sri Lanka until very recently. While there have been incidents where the separation of husbands and wives has been observed, mostly for temporary periods, nowadays, divorce rates are rising, and this is alarming because most divorce cases involve children who will have to adjust themselves to face the consequences of coming from a broken home.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Creating awareness for early intervention

Welcome to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a dedicated time when communities around the world come together to raise awareness about breast cancer, support those affected by it, and emphasize the importance of early detection and prevention.

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If you have a real life story to tell lanka woman, we would love to hear from you!

Overcoming cancer, how you put up with and overcame physical abuse from your husband, marriage woes, In-law issues, sibling rivalry, living with a disability and coping, how you reached top rungs at work…and many more...

Send in your story to ‘[email protected]

Your identity will be highly confidential and will not be published or divulged.


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