Is Saving Important?

9 January 2018 11:31 am By Mandulee Mendis Saving, like all other good and important things, is hard. It’s a difficult task to do if you’re not motivated enough. So let’s see how to create the motivation for saving within yourself because saving, is very very important.

A strength you can always count on

Imagine having to live with no assurance about life, it’s almost like walking on a rope when there’s no mattress laid on the ground for you. When you have money saved, it becomes some sort of an assurance for you, a strong shoulder you can lean on. It’s a strength you can always count on. You don’t have to be scared of tomorrow if you have money saved up, how comforting is that!

Because emergencies don’t pre-alarm

Emergencies in life don’t pre-alarm, they come uninvited and if we’re not financially stable at that time, we become so helpless. Medical emergencies and tests of fate are always unpredictable so it’s always safe to be prepared. Please click on the link below to read full article.,’s-Interest/ Hand inserting coin in piggy bank


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