Significance of the ‘Navam Poya’

Words : Mandulee Mendis Navam Poya, which falls in the month of February, is significant for several reasons. Establishment of the Order of Maha Sangha Order of Maha Sangha, or, the Buddhist congregation was established on a Navam Poya day. In the evening of the first Navam Full Moon Poya day after the Enlightenment of […]

In conversation with Dilrukshi Kurukulasuriya DIMO’s Chief Human Resources Officer The Pros in promoting gender diversity in an organisation

Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Photo : Nirmala Dhananjaya It is quite normal for women to be employed in female-dominated sectors but times have changed in such a way that women are now ready to break barriers. As such they are ready to challenge themselves and go for what they like. Gone are the days when […]

Are you making progress in your life

Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Deshabandu Namal Priyankara Astrologer, Writer, Justice of Peace (All Island) 0776 926 926 / 0776 001 274 We all like to see progress in ourselves. But what is progress anyway? In life, people take time to make progress as everything in life comes as an experience. However, there are instances when […]

Getting to know the “Hasini effect” Q & A With groundbreaking Sri Lankan scientist Hasini Jayathilaka

Words : Nilu Rajapakse At a very young age, with just 9 years in her field, Hasini’s work has etched her discovery “the Hasini Effect”, in the annals of medical science. She made a tidal wave in the scientific arena when Hasini received global recognition for her revolutionary research in 2017. Explained in layman’s terms, […]

The Pillars Behind the Independence of Ceylon

Words : Mandulee Mendis As Sri Lanka celebrates the Independence Day this month, let’s go back and gratefully remember the pioneers of the independence struggle and the milestones of the journey towards independence. The Pioneers Great people who loved the motherland came forward from all across the island to lead the independence struggle. Anagarika Dharmapala, […]

Roshnie De Saram

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya The newly elected President of the SAARC Women’s Association for 2019, has widely travelled the world, worked in UK, Malta, Libya and Australia for several Diplomats and UN Representatives, and is a connoisseur in Advertising and Publishing, as well as a businesswoman who runs her family […]

A Stroll into the Wonderful World of Painting, with Senaka Senanayake

Words : Nilu Rajapakse Photos :  Rushiru Tharanga Uncovering his talent Walking into Senaka Senanayake’s studio is an absolute pleasure. Surrounded by his beautiful works of art, both vibrant and powerful at the same time, and surrounded by methodically organised stacks of art material, it’s a place that inspires just about anyone to grab the […]

Your stars for 2019

Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Deshabandu Namal Priyankara Astrologer, Writer, Justice of Peace (All Island) 0776 926 926 / 0776 001 274 As another year dawns, there are various shifts in the planets which will bring you mixed results. One significant transition in the planetary calendar for 2019 is the transition of Rahu which is expected […]

Vindya Cumaratunga

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya Make up : Hezal Rigobert @ BC Lifestyle Salon A Professional in the field of HR and caring wife and mother who has climbed the corporate ladder of success through sheer dedication and loyalty to her job. Vindya started her career with John Keells Group, a […]

Survive the shopping madness Here’s how

Words : Aanya Wipulasena With the festive season already around the corner, the shopping frenzy has begun. Everyone is out and about buying gifts and festive decors to celebrate the occasion. No matter how many times we have shopped before, we still are not equipped enough to survive the shopping madness. We at Lanka Woman […]