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Hi Everyone! Welcome to the April issue. This month while I write this with certain apprehension and concern about the situation our little island and the whole world is facing, we can only be cautious and take maximum measures and adhere to government health regulations to overcome contraction and the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. As Sri Lankans […]

Note from the Editor

Dear Readers, Due to the prevailing situation with the Covid-19 Virus, we are unable to print this month’s issue as planned. However, we are uploading some useful information and articles onto our web page that will help you stay safe from the virus as well as other activities during the lockdown period which you can […]

Rosy Senanayake

Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya When incumbent Mayoress of Colombo, Rosy Senanayake was crowned Mrs. World in 1985, it was a boost for local women to take up challenges and seek for opportunities to win the world. Her journey has been an exciting one, with a passion to empower women in all […]

Shattering Stereotypes in Business Anusha Hettiarachchi Hettigoda

Words : Mandulee Mendis  In a society that stereotypes professions based on gender and internalizes them in the minds of its individuals, Anusha Hettiarachchi Hettigoda has chosen to shatter the stereotypes and emerge victorious in the business arena. She manages Premasiri Group and has placed her seal in the industry with her excellent management skills […]

Dr. Sunethra Jayaratne Nugawela

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa Is the Founder of Academy for Administrative Professionals, and consultant to “Events in Elegance”; Happy Time Party Suppliers and “Excellent Travels”, she is also a visiting lecturer. Her credentials go as; FIAM(UK)MIQPS(UK)MIPA(UK)ASAP(USA)FCPM(SL)MSLITD(SL) Dr. Sunethra Nugawela, and her family, from her perspective Perseverance is my passion and persistence is my vision […]

Vivimarie VanderPoorten and her words of magic that inspire

Words : Mandulee Mendis Photos : Rushiru Tharanga Aristotle says that poetry is finer and more philosophical than history, for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular. The magic of poetry however is that even when speaking of the particular, it has the power to make it universal. That is why the words […]

Poets: What Were They Trying to Say?

Words : Mandulee Mendis Poetry is about pain. It’s about speaking for yourself and for those who are voiceless, in a way the world pays attention to what you say. It’s about trying to make this world a little better in your own way. Poets, especially women have raised their voices through poetry, expressing their […]

Dr. Seetha Arambepola, Governor of the Western Province

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya Hair and Make-up : Sewwandi Danushika of Yasasvee A medical doctor by profession, and a patriotic lady with a vision, who voiced her opinions on people and the development of Sri Lanka on ‘Viyathmaga’, the platform for intellectuals and professionals which contributes to the national development […]

Dr. Ruwani Gunawardene, Neuro – physician from The United States

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya Talks about recurring head-aches, forgetfulness and how these conditions are connected to neurologic functions, and what remedies and solutions can be used to eliminate these issues. Dr. Ruwani, you’re a neurologist from the US. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and how you […]