Esala Perahera The Pride of Sri Lanka

Words : Mandulee Mendis  The period of Kandy Esala Perahera, could be called one of the periods Sri Lanka gleams with its beautiful heritage and history at its beat. Esala is also considered to be the beginning of the raining season when the monks commence their spiritual retreat. Also, this month is considered to be […]

Rehabilitation of inmates : Adding that missing part into their lives

Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Photos : Rushiru Tharanga Once a person is convicted of a crime, he enters the prison premises with labels and tags. Even after going through an extensive rehabilitation process, society sees them as criminals for the rest of their lives. Last month, Sri Lanka witnessed how a death row inmate graduated […]

What to do this school vacation

Words : Mandulee Mendis A “road trip” Plan a fun road trip this school vacation and your kids will love it. Pick a nice route such as Colombo-Galle old road or Colombo-Puttlam main road where you can enjoy the ride with the lovely ocean breeze. Stop for pictures, sea baths and food. Book a few […]

Shani Diluka The world famous pianist from Monaco

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya Hair & Make up : Hasini Gunasekera – Naturals Unisex Salon Born to Sri Lankan parents, discovered by Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco and moulded into what she is today – She is the Beethoven of the 21st century. When I was contacted by the Embassy […]

Importance of Savings

Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe When it comes to savings, the first thought that cross our minds is to save money. This is an important requirement as of today. Although many people don’t think about saving, it should be a habit that should pass on for generations. In our younger days, we used to save coins […]

Life in a prison A little bit of love is all they need

Words : Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Photos : Rushiru Tharanga “Mokada puthey prashne?” are the first words I hear as I enter the female ward of the Welikada Prison. As for my curiosity I was eager to find out whom the female jailer was referring to and I was surprised to see her talking to a female […]

The Queen’s Garden Parties 

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa Thenu Herath Final Year Undergraduate Student at the University of Melbourne studying BA in Politics and International Studies, received a surprise invitation to attend The Queen’s Garden Party this year. Here’s how the invitation went: “The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by Her Majesty to invite you to a Garden Party […]

Aurena Agathe Fohler

Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya Hair & Make up : Viraj Fernando – Salon Mosh Venue : Sugar Beach As beautiful as the name sounds, is a psychic, holistic life Coach, Spa Consultant, Model, Event Manager and Artist. Her passion for becoming a naturopathy doctor led her across continents and so […]

How to breakdown the wedding to-do-list

Words : Mandulee Mendis  The heavy load of tasks that come with organizing a wedding can be extremely stressful. That is why you should categorize the tasks according to the level of importance. What are the main decisions you should make? When it comes to a wedding, there are some main decisions you should make […]

Why Is Having A Wedding Planner A Good Idea?

Words : Mandulee Mendis  In the busy world we live in today, it isn’t easy planning a wedding while having a full time job. Today’s weddings have come a long way from the weddings we’ve attended years ago. That is why having a wedding planner who takes care of everything on behalf of the couple, […]