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Passionately Involved

10 May 2021 10:49 am

Words : Chandi Perera

Not in the physical kind but in everything we do on a daily basis. I’ve read somewhere that being in the ‘ here and now’ matters to our brains and our general physical wellbeing. “ You must bring your passion to work”, is a clichéd tag line I’ve heard most of my working life. Well, it doesn’t end there. All of life’s living must be done passionately. It matters. Let’s see how we can translate passion into daily living, whether in the corporate world or in a sweetly feminine woman’s world.

Passionately Peaceful

Follow peace passionately. Make a commitment to live life in a passionately peaceful manner. Easy? No way. Takes a great deal of conscious decision making to pursue peace passionately. The rewards are that the settled-ness you bring to any situation in life, is unsurpassed to any other learned soft skill.  Not only will anyone be able to drive you around the bend, your productivity will soar.

Passionately Plural

Handling one thing at a time, was bliss many many moons ago! That is a rarity today. Workplace or home life demands that we, women, juggle many hats in one go. No complaints and no extra pairs of hands to help. The secret is to do whatever we do passionately, at that moment in time so that each of our many duties end up as a master piece. Imagine the satisfaction looking at a day of master pieces, simply because we engaged our passion with the tasks!

Passionately Useful

All of life is on a timeline, as I was reminded today, by a caring individual. The Good Book says to do whatever our hands find to do well, so that when we all walk through the Pearly Gates, our resumes will look grand. Whether we conduct a high-profile meeting at our work places or cook dhal in our humble kitchens, lets’ do it all with a passionate heart and a passionate attitude. 

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