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Mind Over Matter

5 October 2022 10:35 am

As a nation of supposedly educated adults, we have failed our young. Beginning at basic nutrition and their right to life, Sri Lanka has shown that she cannot support her precious offspring and elderly anymore. Those who pay lip-service to the welfare of the two categories will not want to accept the reality of the situation but those who work at grassroots are at their wits’ end trying to sustain an equilibrium that is straining at the seams. 
Do leaders care ? On print and social media, yes! They laud themselves on the matters of child rights, policies, welfare, health and education while lamenting on the lack of nutrition blaming it all on Covid and the economic crisis. The indifference even before these two situations are the after effects presently in force. The beaurecrats refuse to understand and the leaders follow the bureaucrats.
The misbehaviours of children are ignored or glossed over at long term it has a drastic effect on society. Ragging at University is a good way of showing up this poor attitude which has escalated into mass scales. The problem is also with us as a people. We have been brought up to expect freebies. Self-sustenance and lack of information is the root cause. At village level, those who have large garden spaces grow flowers instead of edible vegetation. Children are brought up on a mix of blended pulses which is given free and the practice has been to eat what has been given. Unfortunately, only a handful of parents have progressed to veer away from processed food. Such children are healthy. 

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