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Gardening for Those with Green (and Non-Green) Thumbs

11 July 2023 10:25 am

Growing your own flowers and veggies may provide you with beautiful bouquets and tasty meals. Did you realize, though, that gardening may do wonders for your health as well? Here are unexpected ways in which gardening might improve your health.


Words : Sachini Perera

The relationship between people and the natural environment can be described as reciprocal. Our health is inextricably linked to the natural world. During our confinement at COVID-19, we gained a newfound appreciation for being outdoors in nature. A great number of people took up gardening as a hobby as a direct result of the government shutdown. 

Time spent outside on a regular basis is time well spent. It’s a wonderful way to find peace and satisfaction in one’s life. Because you are keeping a level head, your physical condition will improve. People have been seeking solace from the stresses of everyday life in natural settings like gardens and landscapes for a very long time.

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