Month of Nutrition

16 July 2014 12:30 pm

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The Month of May is considered to be the month of nutrition.


There are many nutritional problems prevalent in Sri Lanka as stated below

  • „„ High percent of Low Birth Weight (16.9% 2003 AHB)
  • „„ Anemia among pregnant mothers (30.3% MRI 2001)
  • „„ High percent of underweight among children less than five years (29.4% DHS 2000)
  • „„ High prevalence of Anemia among children less than five years (29.9% MRI 2001)  especially between 6 to 11 months (57.6% MRI, 2001)
  • „„ High prevalence of anemia among adolescents (22.3%, MRI 2001)
  • „„ High prevalence of malnutrition among school children

Therefore, the Government of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition has decided to improve the nutrition of the nation. According to their theme “A healthy childhood through better nutrition, love and care”. The Family Health Bureau has identified following activities to be carried out at district and divisional levels.

  •  „ Improving the nutritional status of pregnant mothers to reduce Low Birth Weight.
  • „„  Activities on reduction of anemia among pregnant mothers
  • „„  Common activities to improve overall nutrition of pregnant mothers
  • „„  Activities to improve nutritional status of children under five years.
  • „„  Activities to improve the nutritional status of school children

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