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Pregnancy and Baby

10 May 2021 11:08 am

Words : Tishaniya Seneviratne

In last month’s issue of pregnancy and baby we shared our knowledge on the growth of the embryo to a fetus and exciting process of the growth of your baby each week after. In this issue we would continue this journey of growth of your baby, as well as how you as a mother to be, will see many changes in your body and what you can do to facilitate these changes for a safe delivery.
After 12 weeks of comfortably growing in your belly, your baby looks much more human than he started off. Still the baby’s head is the largest portion of his body, and his limbs, although fully formed, are small. Following are a few developments of the bundle of  joy you are carefully growing inside of you. At this stage the baby is the size of a plum. 
They are now about three inches long and weigh about one ounce. Their external sexual organs should appear now or very soon because of increased hormone activity. All of the internal organs are formed; most are working, so the baby is far less likely to be harmed by infections or drugs. The eyelids have developed and are closed over the eyes. The baby has ear lobes.
The limbs are formed, with fingers and toes. Miniature fingernails and toe nails are growing. Muscles are developing, so the baby moves much more. 
He has developed complex reflexes and can therefore suck, he swallows the fluid that surrounds him and as his kidneys start to produce urine he passes urine. Further, your baby may also start to move spontaneously this week, though you probably will not feel it until 16 to 22 weeks. The first move you feel would be so subtle, it felt like a soft butterfly wings inside of the belly. This experience will be one of the most joyful moments of your pregnancy. 

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