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8 July 2014 10:12 am [metaslider id=655] By Shehara Rizly

Aquaculture is playing an increasing role as a protein food supplier to the world population. The increased importance of aquaculture of fresh, brackish or marine waters is a substantial part of the country’s economic development. Further development of aquaculture is therefore in the national interest. Unlimited availability of clean water, domestic market facilities (hospitality industry), and suitable sites for processing makes it positive for commencement of aquaculture projects. This re-development project is being conceived as a pilot project with the aim of establishing a sustainable aquaculture industry in Sri Lanka. Their plan is to develop large aquaculture ventures on defunct facilities in the area. Senura Aquaculture Projects Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a Board of Investment (BOl), Sri Lanka approved company incorporated in the year 2012 as a joint venture between AR Aquaculture Projects, Israel and Ryder Holdings, Sri Lanka in collaboration with National Aquatic Resources Development Agency (NARA), Sri Lanka. It is formerly known as the Bahuman Farm located at Ambakandawilla, Chilaw.

What are the objectives of this project? The objective of the Aquaculture Development Project is to promote sustainable aquaculture development by increasing the sector’s productivity within a framework of social consensus and environmental soundness, thereby contributing to Sri Lanka’s economic growth. The project’s goal is to contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable livelihood improvement of people in poor rural communities. The aquaculture project is carried out based on world renowned Israel aquaculture technology benefiting future aquaculture producers, traders and processors throughout the country. What is the scope of this project? In Sri Lanka we do not have Seabass, Pangasus and Machrobrachium aquaculture projects. Thilapia is done in very small scale farms. Macrobrachium Rosenbergii farming was a lucrative business some time ago until it was severely affected by white spot disease and almost all farmers gave up their businesses. Senura Aquaculture identified the potential of Seabass, Pangasus, Thilapia and Macrobrachium in local and international markets and with the advanced technologies practiced in Israel, has taken a bold step towards establishing single largest aquaculture project in Sri Lanka. Seabass (Baramundi) considered as most sought after dish in any menu card in the world. Countries like Vietnam earns USD 3 billion per annum by export of Pangaus, hence this species could earn billions of foreign exchange to the Sri Lanka. Although Thilapia if famous among local communities, the quality had been declining over the period of time due to the lack of technological advances. We culture superior quality hybrid varieties of Thilapia with continuous improvements done by our research and development professionals. Macrobrachium Rosenbergii was never tested on farming projects in Sri Lanka, we are the first and the leader in fresh water Macrobrachium Rosenbergii farming in Sri Lanka.

What are the competitive advantages related to the project location and scope:

  • Ambakandawila — Chilaw project site is the only place which has access to Sea water, Brackish water and Fresh water making it ideal for aquaculture projects.
  • State of the art hatchery complex, production tanks, water treatment plants and other infrastructure facilities.
  • Technical know-how and support from Israel aquaculture experts.
  • Support from government institutions such as NARA and NAQDA.
  • Strategically located in terms of logistic.
  • Locally based labor force resulting in low labor turn overs.
  • Senura Aquaculture’s BOl status comes with tax incentives, duty waivers and infrastructure grants.
Board of Directors
  • Sheldon Schreter (Shelly) - Chairman
  • Dr. Senaka De Silva - Managing Director
  • Mickey Michaeli -- Director
  • Rohan De Silva - Director
  • Sri Pathmanathan Srikantha - Director
  • Kamal Addaraachchi - Director

Profiles of the Board of Directors

fish-7 Sheldon Schreter Chairman   Sheldon (Shelly) Schreter, born in Montreal, Canada and educated at McGill University, U. of California (Berkeley) and the London School of Economics, degrees in Sociology and International Relations. Moved to Israel in 1976, and worked as Director of an educational institution and then as Director of a policy research institute at Tel Aviv University. Entered the plastics industry, and served as Vice-President of ZAG Inc., a highly successful manufacturer and exporter of plastic storage products, which was taken public on the NASDAQ exchange in New York and ultimately sold in 1998 to Stanley Tools Inc., the American-based multinational corporation. Has invested in a variety of Israeli and foreign start-up companies, including A.R. Aquaculture Projects Ltd. Has been intensely involved in creating a modern aquaculture industry in Sri Lanka over the past two years. Married with 4 sons, living in Ra’anana, Israel.
  fish-8 Dr. Senaka De Silva Managing Director Dr. S.H.A de Silva is Chairman, of Ryder Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, which is the holding company of Senura Aquaculture Projects Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. He has a PhD in Information Technology Qualifications from Open International University of Malaysia, MSc Computer Science from University of London - UK, BSc Computer Engineering from University of London - UK, Diploma in International Business Advisory (University of London - UK) & Commercial Pilot License from the Civil Aviation Authority, Australia. He is a Professional Member of many reputed Business Organizations such as Senior Member of AMCHAM, Member of ROTARY INTERNATIONAL (A Global Network of Community Volunteers) USA, Member of SOUTH ASIAN BUSINESS CLUB new Delhi India, Member of BUSINESS CLUB AUSTRALIA Sydney, Australia, Member of the GUANGZHOU BUSINESS CONSORTIUM Guangzhou, China etc. His career began as an Officer at the Sri Lankan Army and has rendered his service to the country for more than a decade. Thereafter with the experience and the leadership he ventured to setting up his own business by entering into the telecommunication industry, where he made a major impact in the telecommunication industry with the launch of Lanka Internet. Thereafter the organization diversified by setting up business in the field of Media and publication, Hotel management, Aquaculture, marine engineering to name a few. In addition he was serving as a senior advisor to Minister of Plantation and Industries. And he was awarded several times for the service he has given for the country as a prominent entrepreneur such as Shrama Abimani honor award.
Mickey Michaeli Director Michaeli is involved with Aquaculture production and trade since 1979, and managed Israel’s largest fish farm as CEO for over 17 years. During that period of time dealt with genetic lines of several kinds of fish such as Tilapia, Carp, Red Drum, Grey Mullet and Sea Bass, and introduced several new fish species to the Israeli Aquaculture. Through his work Michaeli mastered with closed and semi closed production incorporating brackish and fresh water, and fitting of production systems to meet market requirement. Miki has developed special fish feeding method, one that was adopted by all aquaculture operations in Israel, which improved fish growth, and saved a great deal of resources. During his years as fish farm CEO, Michaeli has developed management concepts which optimize farm features with the cultural requirements of the farmed species. This concept was proved to achieve better performance of fish in ponds and reservoirs cultures, while reaching outstanding improvement of FCR, in relatively heavy densities of fish per cubic Meter. During those years, Michaeli established and managed an advanced fish processing facility, which processed over 7,500 tons of fish - fresh and frozen. Michaeli was a member of the Board of Directors of Israeli Aquaculture association for over 8 years, and have trained fish farmers in Israel and around the world (Australia, West Africa), using methods for growing fish in open and semi close systems in the most economical way for the farms.
fish-9 Rohan De Silva Director- Professional Services Started his career as a management trainee at Ceylon Tobacco Company, which is subsidiary of British Tobacco Company which is one of the oldest companies in Sri Lanka. Thereafter moved to Fairline Group specialized in Garments manufacturing as a Production Manager. Subsequently joined Swiss Parke which was a Timber floor manufacturing company. In the early 90’s moved to Switzerland and started his career in the hospitality industry and then later he setup his own restaurant in Switzerland. Currently as a Director he looks after the overseas venture while taking control of the local business.
fish-10 Sri Pathmanathan Srikantha Director Sriskantha is a Lawyer based in Colombo. He holds a Master’s Degree in Law and has been in practice for over thirty years. Sriskantha is licensed to practice in Sri Lanka and the UK. He specializes in civil law covering Companies, Admiralty, Land, Banks, Commerce, Foreign Investment and suits for Damages, to name a few. He has delved in the chambers of many leading senior Lawyers where he cut his teeth as legal counsel. Sriskantha has been the Legal Consultant for projects of the World Bank, UNDP and the Government. Also he is the Editor and Publisher of “Sriskantha’s Law Reports” which is cited by Judges and Lawyers in many legal arguments since 1983.
fish-11 Kamal Addara Arachchi Director Marketing Kamal Addara Arachchi was born to a family who had engaged in gems & jewellery. He had his entire education at Wesley College Colombo being a bright student. He demonstrated his talents for acting and singing as a promising student who also led the college debating team for several years. His career path began as an actor as he was a college student. He is a competent actor who studied under German trainer Dr. Norbert J Mayer and Dr. Salamon Fonseka of Sri Lanka. He is well known to be one of the finest actors in the country who has been awarded with the Best Actor, Best Playback Singer, Best Supporting Actor and many more awards including the best Actor’s award of this year 2013. Adding to his repertoire, he is also a trendsetting presenter who has changed the face of reality shows in Sri Lanka and created a land mark as a TV Host. His business involvement and the expertise have been lying in the marketing field where he operates an advertising company to date which has been functioning for the last two decades. He is well experienced in servicing the clients with conceptualizing marketing campaigns to creative ATL & BTL advertising promotions. Kamal Addara Arachchi represents Senura Aquaculure as a partner and the Director Marketing with a vital role to play in this era of Sri Lankan Aquaculture stream as an opinion leader who offers his guidance to develop the industry, interacting with the people who are related to the trade.


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