Brain boosting activities for babies

6 March 2015 02:15 pm
Compiled by Jessica Mathiasz

There is a belief among experts that the first 5 years of a child is the best time for learning. So it is best to start with your little baby. Babies learn very fast. In order to stimulate brain development, the parents should involve the baby in different activities. Try out some of these activities with your baby.

Breast feed the baby

It is believed that kids who are breast fed have a better IQ level. Apart from that, breast feeding time is the best time to bond with the baby. Making eye contact with the baby, smiling with the baby, stroking your baby’s hair and massaging your little one’s body will help with brain development.

Talk to the baby

3 Talking to your baby will definitely help with brain development. Reading books to your baby and having conversations with him/ her, even though the baby wouldn’t understand will boost his/ her brain. Making funny faces while talking will get better reaction from your baby.

Look around

Hold your baby close to you and walk around your home. Point at trees, birds, dogs, moving cars and different objects around your house and garden. The baby will enjoy this.

Play time

4 This is very important. Your baby learns a great amount by playing. The usual games like peek-a-boo, this little piggy will do. You can also tickle the baby’s toes. You can lie on the ground and make you body your baby’s play ground. Let the baby play on your stomach, crawl over your arms and legs, touch your face and pull your hair. You can also dance with your baby and kiss the baby’s tummy; babies love it when you do that.

Sing to the baby

Most babies enjoy music. It calms them and makes them happy. You can sing some nursery rhymes or even your favorite songs to your baby.

Give lots of attention

Babies love attention. Whenever your baby points at something or someone don’t ignore him/ her, always pay attention to what the baby is trying to say and encourage him/ her.

Baby’s day out

Take your baby for a walk regularly. The park, shopping mall, neighborhood or even the beach are good places for baby’s day out. Point out new things while taking the walk.

Teach the baby

Family reading It’s always good to learn new things everyday. You can start off with teaching the baby to smile, clap, make different sounds, kiss and wave. You can do these in front of the baby and the baby will imitate you. Make sure you keep on repeating the things you taught the baby.


Make sure you buy toys that are safe for your baby. Let your baby play alone with toys like building blocks or Jack in the box so that the baby can explore his/ her toys on his/ her own.


It is very important to develop your baby’s brain; it is equally important to give your baby proper rest. Make sure your baby is not too tired with all the brain boosters. Whenever your baby shows that he/ she is tired, put him/ her to sleep. (Source- Internet) (Images courtesy internet)


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