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6 October 2021 08:07 am

Travelling is novel. People who love travelling enjoy visiting new places, meeting and interacting with diverse individuals of various nationalities, experiencing the flavors of unique dishes and having a wonderful time. Travelling, in one word, is freedom. It is one of the activities that gives you amazing experiences and lets you 
explore the beauty of our world.

Unfortunately for us travel lovers, the current pandemic situation has halted our travel plans. We are faced with a situation where we cannot freely roam around as we wish, enjoying the beautiful sights of nature and people. However, this does not mean that we cannot let our minds have the exciting experience of travelling, does it? The modern world is quite developed; to an extent where we are allowed to let our minds travel to places we physically cannot. This series of articles will let you simulate the experience of travelling, and will let your mind experience the wonders of the travel destinations of Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka is a travel paradise; a country comprised of phenomenal beauty and uncountable travel sites. Our country, being an island surround by the vast ocean, has many attractive beaches, whose beauty attracts not only Sri Lankans, but also foreign tourists. Sri Lanka owns a coastline fringed with sun-kissed beaches which are ideal for travel lovers to visit.
Benthota is one of the finest beaches in the west coast of Sri Lanka. This beach runs South from the Benthota lagoon and is a famous resort town which is only an hour away from Colombo. The white of the sand mixes with the azure of the sky, creating a picturesque view. The beach is surrounded by the jungle and tall palm trees.
Benthota is also Sri Lanka’s water sports hub. The calm water so of the lagoon behind the beach is ideal for jet-skiing, and visitors can always request a boat ride along the river to explore 
the mangroves there. There are many shops and alluring hotels lining the Benthota beach.

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