10 June 2020 12:44 pm

COMPILED BY – Dr. Mala Tudawe, Consultant Haematologist @ Durdans Hospital Good day to you dear readers. Hope you are keeping well and safe doing your utmost to keep up with the specific advice given by the experts appointed by the GOVT to give continuous advice regarding this dangerous viral disease. Since my last account many aspects of the disease have changed due to new scientific research done by many countries affected by it. Most of the new findings came to light after performing post mortems mainly in Italy, France and China, and also by the firsthand experience obtained by the medical staff attending to these patients. The most dangerous finding was that there can be asymptomatic patients, people who has no symptoms but who can infect others. It is most unfortunate that some nations were severely affected while others had milder outcome. The CORONA virus is thus named due to the crown or spike like structure around it. It was first discovered by a French Virologist and Nobel Laureate –Luc Montegnier.Most of the common colds are of this type. COVID 19 is a new Corona virus and this particle is heavy. Unlike other viruses it does not linger in the air for long but falls on surfaces. They can survive on these for some time. Once they enter the living cell it activates the lysosomes in the cytoplasm and generates substances which escape out. This is called a Cytokine shower. It is like an acid rain which attacks almost all the organs in the body. This phenomenon can trigger the clotting mechanism in the blood.

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