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Growing Your Positivity…

10 December 2020 12:50 pm

From March this year onwards, we have been on and off on lock down, partial-lockdown, curfew or on various degrees of quarantine! Unlike any other time, social media has been doing its busy rounds to keep the incarcerated souls of ours sane…From the beginning of the Covid season, one thing that has got people occupied with a new force is gardening ! 
The time away from the office and our usual work with time hanging heavily on hands while at home , has given us time to think about putting our gardens/land areas or even the balconies to good use by turning to home-gardening. With the new quiet and extra time, we took the time to smell the air (which was better smelling than before without the petrol fumes !) , listen to the outside sounds. It is a fact that we heard bird calls more than before, smelled the clean air and felt the difference, saw the sky without the fog, and learned anew to appreciate the freedom we have… Gardening is a great way to allow your positivity to grow! It has many benefits besides providing you with the fruits of your labor – your harvest ! It keeps your body and mind fit to face another day with a positive smile !  But there are other benefits too….

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