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Professor Rangika Bandara Leading the Charge for Environmental Conservation with the Launch of the “Less Plastic Movement”

5 June 2023 09:44 am

As we celebrate World Environment Day this June, we couldn’t help but feature Professor Rangika Bandara’s relentless pursuit as an environmentalist, who truly is nothing short of inspiring. Professor Bandara’s wonderful childhood spent in the lush, green landscape of her home town in Ratnapura foreshadows her purpose and calling years later as a fervent advocate in environmental conservation and sustainable  collective development. Her past experiences are deeply emblematic of her passion to tackle the menacing problem of plastic pollution by offering her valuable expertise in different capacities, with the objective of harnessing a will within society to achieve resolute change. Take a look at her story as she gets into detail about her inspiring work in the field.

Words - Ronali Moonemalle Goonetileke
Photos - Sajeewa Lakshan

Venturing into a selfless career path such as Environmental Conservation and Sustainability requires a passion for it that most often is nurtured since childhood. Can you share with us a few core memories from your childhood that ignited a spark and a hunger to be an advocate for the environment?

I was born and raised in Ratnapura, a city replete with nature and wildlife. So you can imagine most of my formidable years were spent outdoors, playing in the garden and constantly enveloped by the wonders of nature. As I reminisce some of these core memories experienced during my childhood, I remember one distinct moment that would probably make you chuckle. My environmental advocacy starts with little me absolutely bewildered at my parents for trying to cut down a tree in the garden. This act simply did not sit well with me, only because to me, trees were living beings that had life too. My intrigue for the environment and for its wellbeing was nourished further in school after I joined the “Environmental Society” initiated by former President R. Premadasa and rolled out amongst many schools in the country. This too became a wholesome experience for me as all teams, were instructed to participate in national events which exposed us to knowledge that was formerly unknown to us. 

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