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Prevention of Diabetes in Childhood

14 November 2023 03:30 pm

Diabetes Awareness to help young families 

Words - Shanthi Wijesinghe

If your child eats three balanced meals a day and in-between snacks, why would he moan for wanting everything he sees wrapped in bright coloured packages every time you take him to the local grocer or to the supermarket? He is a child and children want everything…but do they need it ? It’s a question with the easiest answer! Children are easily attracted and become addicted to the umami taste. It’s a dangerous zone when children demand to be addicted. It’s the choice of adults to prevent that addiction. 

November 14th is World Diabetes Day and while we cannot celebrate with sugar cookies and cake, it definitely brings home the fact that a day set apart to make us aware of this chronic disease speaks volumes in the field of medicine. 

Dr. Pramodh Sahabandu is someone who promotes good choices. He is constantly advising young families on the possibilities of a bleak future riddled with health issues of young children, unless they face up to the realities when habits are easily ingrained for life. “The Rush for Unhealthy Food is a Universal problem. So many great choices are ignored choosing instead for the convenience factor. We are given 24 hours to choose wisely – not destroy the next generation by giving in to their unhealthy demands.” 

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