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The World of a Father

14 June 2024 03:31 pm

Where would life be without a father? Living in a world of artificial insemination a father in that spectrum is any man. On that note I can end my writing here. However, a father is a human being of emotion. In him every child sees a hero. All children deserve a great father. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Children lose their fathers to war, suicide, separation, divorce, illness and a variety of reasons. There are fathers who walk away from responsibility and fathers who stay because of it. Men who are well brought up, hard working and organized bring up great children. Even the spouse benefits from this. 

  Words - Shanthi Wijesinghe

Fathers are not mere figureheads. They are hands-on workers with parenting skills providing a well-balanced family life. They have not been taught to do this although some great dads look like they’ve spent years studying the nitty-gritty of teenage behaviour. The children benefit immensely when they reach adulthood and appreciate the input. Oftenthey will show antagonism towards decisions taken by him, and yet, deep in their being, they know they’re being guided on a solid path. That strength is what makes for true fatherhood. Knowing that your child is seething beneath the veneer, yet taking tough decisions on his/her behalf is a monumental task. It is only later when the children are of reasoning age that they understand the stance taken. This kind of parenting is what children need to bring up the next generation.

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