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Where should the new couple live?

19 June 2024 07:07 am

Running up to the wedding day, both the groom and the bride would be so pre-occupied with the  numerous arrangements involved in making the wedding ceremony a day to remember by all attendees, that anyone would hardly be thinking of where the couple is going to live, after the homecoming!  This is something that does not get included in the list of items to attend to, in the wedding arrangements list, although, it is one of the most important items in the wedding list!

Words - Lakmini Wijemanne

Did you think about it ? Maybe you did. Or, maybe you didn’t . You might wonder why is it that important, since the couple could always live with either set of parents for a while till they “find their feet” in this new arrangement called “married life”.Where you start you life as a couple is as important as all the arrangements you spend time looking into, with the proverbial magnifying glass, obsessing over all the minute details. Where will you sleep as husband and wife ?  So, take a few minutes of your busy schedule and sit down with each other to ponder on this question.  WHERE SHALL WE LIVE AFTER MARRIAGE ?

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