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Dr. Ruwani Gunawardene, Neuro - physician from The United States

6 February 2020 12:08 pm Words : Indika Madapatha Sellahewa Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya Talks about recurring head-aches, forgetfulness and how these conditions are connected to neurologic functions, and what remedies and solutions can be used to eliminate these issues.

Dr. Ruwani, you’re a neurologist from the US. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to practice in the US?

Yes, I was at North Colombo Medical School and in 1989 my husband and I, we migrated to the US, we joined St. George’s university, which is in Grenada and we graduated in 1990 and did an internal medicine residency training and then I became a neurologist. Thereafter I went through fellowship and residency training at the University of Maryland and graduated in 1999 as a neurologist in South Pennsylvania. I was busy there treating stroke patients. You know I always had to be available, like within 2 to 3 hours to give the blood test or injection. Now I’m doing private practice and my main practice is with a lot of migraine patients with memory problems because that’s rising in the US like in Sri Lanka, people are living long. And then I also see Parkinson patients, patients with Neuropathic conditions and patients with multiple sclerosis.

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