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Shattering Stereotypes in Business Anusha Hettiarachchi Hettigoda

10 March 2020 11:04 am Words : Mandulee Mendis  In a society that stereotypes professions based on gender and internalizes them in the minds of its individuals, Anusha Hettiarachchi Hettigoda has chosen to shatter the stereotypes and emerge victorious in the business arena. She manages Premasiri Group and has placed her seal in the industry with her excellent management skills and professionalism. This Women’s Day, we appreciate the example Anusha Hettiarachchi Hettigoda sets to Sri Lankan women in holding on to goals and targets amidst obstacles and challenges.

What is your motto in life?

Helping others in need relaxes me and allows me to focus on my work. When you do good to others good things come back to you in some way. This is my motto and what I believe in.

Would you like to share some unforgettable memories in your long journey in the business field?

When it comes to my work, my father is my mentor. He has taught me valuable lessons in doing business, handling employees and customers, and developing myself as a businesswoman, which, I would never have learnt theoretically. Therefore I treasure and cherish all the memories I have with my father, in doing this business. I consider meeting with Bigen owners with my father an unforgettable experience because of the exposure I received and the lessons I learned through experience. Also being selected as a participant to visit USA for IVLP, is a significant moment in my career path which I will never forget.

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