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5 April 2020 12:18 pm Hi Everyone! Welcome to the April issue. This month while I write this with certain apprehension and concern about the situation our little island and the whole world is facing, we can only be cautious and take maximum measures and adhere to government health regulations to overcome contraction and the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. As Sri Lankans we can resort to the Ayurvedic methods that are abundantly available here to destroy any type of germs and viruses. As some of the health ministry officials also acknowledged, medicinal herbs such as Kohomba (neem) leaves, Kaha (turmeric mixed with water and sprayed around), and Perumkayam. The humble Paspanguwa which is available even in supermarkets is another remedy that now can be consumed twice a day after boiling with some added Venivelgeta. I usually give this to my family when they have colds and coughs. Another simple but generations old method to get rid of mucus is the humble Lunu Kenda (Salt Congee). This is a very watery broth made with a little bit of rice (red or white), one or two cloves of garlic and a bit of chopped ginger thrown in with one or two red onions chopped and salt. My mother reminded me of this so these days I’m also making this at home. This can be consumed any time of the day. When a member of the family is sick, has no appetite and cannot eat, this is what Sri Lankan homes have been using since the time of ancient kings. It’s also a wonderful laxative and flushes out viruses and toxins from the system. So apart from the above, lots of vitamin C, D, immunity boosting vegetables and herbs will protect us against this dangerous pandemic which has engulfed the world. Going into lockdown as we are following these days can have its strains on people and families although it is a necessity. Many young parents expressed their concerns about having to spend 24/7 with their pre-schoolers, stuck inside a tiny apartment, while also working from home, and kids engaged in homeschooling too. Staying marooned with even your own loved ones for days or weeks can have its strains on the mind and soul. The little freedoms we enjoyed being by ourselves going to work, the luxury of being engrossed in our own thoughts for a few minutes, the drive to work and back which gave us a breather. On the other hand, it is maybe a good way to re-connect with your own family and spend precious time with each other, which otherwise you would not have. So what can we do to minimise the strain? Well, the first thing would be to tell ourselves, this is it. Whether we like it or not, we have to do this. Then your mind will adjust to it. And if you look at it from the Buddhist philosophical way, even among a crowd, you can still isolate your mind and go into a sort of meditation while doing daily tasks. This grim situation has also brought on the realisation that we must be self sufficient in growing an edible plant or more in our home gardens and lead a simpler lifestyle. In times of desperation come new innovations. So we’ll be seeing and experiencing these in months to come. And one thing is clear. Sri Lanka and the world are not what they were any more. Change has come for better or for worse and family ties, human connections and appreciation of simpler things in life are evident. Maybe this is a stark reminder to humans not to keep moving so fast towards an only material, superficial existence. I hope and pray that everyone will be well and these trying times will pass and together we’ll overcome this horrendous decease that has engulfed the whole world. Have a Healthy and Peaceful New Year, and May The Noble Triple Gem Bless All of You!

Corona Virus Key Symptoms:

• High Temperature • Cough • Breathing Difficulties

Steps to follow to avoid contracting and spreading of virus:

• Wash hands frequently with soap and use sanitiser • Cough and sneeze into disposable tissues or elbow • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell • Stay within 3 meters distance at public places • Wear a mask when going outside for tasks • Self isolate if •not feeling well  


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