Cyber Love

11 August 2020 01:05 pm

Words : Lakmini Wijemanne

Have you ever heard of a story like this ?

Chintha met Piyal at her workplace. He was a few years her senior at the work place and from the first day she started, he was captivated by her looks. It did not take long for them to get to know each other and start a relationship that went beyond a work-relationship. They did every possible thing together and spent every minute that was not taken up by work, with each other. When not physically together, the smart phone was a god sent to them. They burnt many hundred rupees between them, talking late into the night. Suddenly, their world was jolted : As a promotion, Piyal had to move to another branch. Though difficult, with their future finances in mind, they decided to brave it out. So off went Piyal to Ratnapura leaving Chintha in Negombo. The seperation was unbearable and the only friend they had was the phone. It did not take long for mere words to turn into suggestive words and then to exchanging photographs of very personal nature between them in a desperate bid to stay close together despite the distance between them. In an attempt to earning a few thousand more to secure their future, Chintha applied to a foreign job and was selected. Piyal vehemently opposed the move, but Chintha had home responsibilities also to meet, and decided to still take up the job. Piyal started to threaten her with a break-up and one day, he played his last-ditch card. He blackmailed her with the "photos of a very personal nature", saying that he would release them to them to his FB account. Devastated that he could threaten to destroy her in this manner, she lost faith in everything and everyone around her, and felt so alone and miserable, she sought the release from a bottle of pesticides. She was successful in achieving her target there....

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