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Meet the interior designer who is transforming spaces into experiences Dilushi Mendis

3 February 2021 09:34 am

Words : Aanya Wipulasena
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya

Dilushi Mendis, an Architect- cum -interior designer , is a dedicated wife, mother and a blooming entrepreneur. She says that a good interior design will improve the overall mood of the people and subsequently improve happiness and productivity. Her work has helped to transform spaces into memorable experiences. Read excerpts of our exclusive interview with her..

Dilushi, tell us a little about your childhood. Did you always know that you were going to be an interior designer?

Growing up, I never thought I would become first an architect, and then an interior designer. I did however enjoy drawing, inventing and creating stuff. This led me to participating in many art competitions at school, achieving a fair amount of success. Seeing my artistic talent and my passion associated with it, my parents guided me to pursue my tertiary education in architecture.

When did you realize that you wanted to become an interior designer? Who helped you?

Although being an architect, I still had the desire to “create”, and see my imaginations and visions come to life. As soon as I completed my seven years of architecture, I was lucky to meet Mrs. Dehara Gomes. I think the turning point for me to pursue interior design was meeting her. She will always hold a very special place in my heart for igniting the passion in me to follow this dream. I have to first thank my parents for their guidance, and of course my husband Chinthaka Dayaratne who is a chartered architect himself, and my brother ChamaraMendis who is also my business partner. These two souls are standing like pillars by the side of me in this whole journey.

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