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Vindya Perera

7 March 2023 10:28 am

“I didn’t want to be an Entrepreneur,” mentions Vindya as she recalls her initial thoughts on her life’s ambitions as a little girl, “I just did what I loved to do and eventually became one!”
At the age of twenty-nine, Miss Perera has taken the Gem and Jewellery Industry by storm with her creative flair and determined strength to watch her innovative ideas come into fruition in a field that is otherwise fueled by traditional thought processes. While being equipped with an innate intrigue in discovering beyond the already known facets of a gem stone in order to bring out its true value, Vindya also reflects this vision in her desire to build resilience in the community she works with. This month, she joins Lanka Woman in narrating her inspiring success story in the hopes of encouraging others to dream big! 

Words : Ronali Moonemalle Goonetileke
Photos : Jagath Dharmakeerthi

 Every inspiring story has an equally inspiring beginning. So, let’s walk down memory lane and give our readers a little insight into what your childhood was like. 

As I reminisce my childhood, most of the memories ingrained in my mind remind me of how my Father and Mother played a vital role in spurring on a love and dependency in my siblings and I for all things artistic. This creative flair was roused quite early on in life and as time flew, not one effort has been successful in dowsing this fire. In fact, this innate trait has accompanied me in my teenage years and has grown to be a dominant part of who I am today. Growing up I was the middle child, flanked by a brother and a sister on either side, which meant only one thing. I had to share everything! At the time it probably would have seemed like an unwanted predicament to be in, but this is yet another character trait that I’m grateful to have learnt from a young age because this too blossomed into a defining factor which would go on to inspire many decisions that future Vindya makes in all aspects of her life. 
Since you will be reading more about my future self in the following paragraphs, let me revert back to my childhood filled with blissful memories. At school, I enjoyed the freedom to try my hand at many different extracurricular activities. However, I was drawn towards Athletics, Gymnastics and Kandyan Dancing. The latter especially has a special place in my heart because I loved the feeling I felt when I got up on stage to perform – an experience that has really assisted me in overcoming the fear of speaking my mind. 

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