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Namalie Herath Managing Partner, GroupM Sri Lanka

4 October 2023 11:17 am

Standing out as a beacon of innovation and foresight, she embarks on a remarkable journey that is reshaping the very essence of the media industry.

Words - Sachini Perera
Photos - Jagath Dharmakeerthi

Step into the dynamic world of media with us and meet Namalie Herath, a visionary leader who is sculpting the very essence of tomorrow’s media. As the Managing Partner of GroupM, and the former CEO of Wavemaker, Namalie doesn’t just ride the waves of change; she charts new courses, redefining the industry’s destiny. In this illuminating article, we take you on a journey through her inspiring career, unveiling the strategic brilliance and innovative spirit that make her a true media maven. Get ready to be inspired and discover how Namalie Herath is crafting a bold and imaginative future for the world of media.

Could you give us an introduction of yourself?

I am Namalie Herath, Managing Partner of GroupM Sri Lanka, and former CEO of Wavemaker Sri Lanka. I pride myself in being a woman, a wife, a mother of three, and a homemaker to have reached the heights I have so far. I am a past pupil of St Bridget’s Convent and Bishop’s College, and an alumnus of the University of Colombo. I enjoy reading and travelling at my leisure, while I do enjoy watching movies and documentaries, even though, to be honest, I haven’t had much time lately.    

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