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Saroja Gunatilleke Bridging the Gap, Redefining Risk: Empowering Businesses with Actuarial Expertise

3 May 2024 01:26 pm

Saroja Gunatilleke is a pioneering actuary and founder of S G Actuarial Consultancy. Armed with a stellar academic background and a passion for Mathematics, she embarked on a journey that led her to become the youngest and only female Actuary at the age of 26 and the only Fellow Actuary at age 28 in the Sri Lankan Insurance sector. Her expertise extends beyond traditional actuarial realms, encompassing risk management and consultancy services. Through her consultancy firm, Saroja Gunatilleke bridges the gap between actuaries and other professions, offering bespoke training programs and practical solutions to diverse organizations globally. Committed to giving back, she actively engages in CSR initiatives, striving to elevate awareness of Actuarial Science in Sri Lanka. With aspirations for further international exposure and expansion into risk management services, she continues to inspire aspiring actuaries with her dedication and achievements.

Words - Sachini Perera
Photos - Jagath Dharmakeerthi

To start off, could you introduce yourself briefly?

I am Saroja Gunatilleke, and I am a fully qualified actuary, a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK. The actuarial profession, although less known in Sri Lanka, is a well-respected, highly paid profession in countries such as the UK, US, and Australia. Actuaries conduct various analyses to make financial estimates relating to the future. We are traditionally involved with the insurance sector, but the roles are much broader now. One such area is risk management, which I believe is relevant for all companies in order to survive and fulfill their business objectives.

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