The Trendy Formal by Ramzi

9 November 2020 09:49 am

Every month hair maestro Ramzi Rahaman presents us with a creative hairstyle and this month, he has gone formal!

The Hairstyle 

From the front, the hairstyle looks neat and plain with a backcombed bun in the crown. Hair has been gelled and combed back neatly to gather at the back. Thus combed hair has been gathered into intertwined twists which are of considerable volumes. The twists have been formed into a long bun which extends from the top of the head to the neck in style. 
The neatly combed hair draws attention to the face shape. It creates a simple yet elegant look which highlights the special features of the face. But Ramzi has also added a trendiness to the hairstyle with stylish twists and trendy attire. The hairstyle which looks neat from the front has a completely formal look and is elegant and sophisticated. Therefore this hairstyle is suggested to be worn to an elegant function which demands formal attire. 

What Goes with It?

Because of the formal look,  formal attire goes with the hairstyle. Ramzi has used a fashionable off-shoulder top to make the total look trendy. Bare shoulders and pulled up hair draw complete attention to the face. Since the hairstyle is plain and has no strands popping out, dangling earrings would look good. Ramzi has used trendy black dangling earrings with the hairstyle. To go with the earrings, he has used a necklace too. As for makeup, simple makeup has been used to maintain the simplicity and sophistication of the hairstyle. Slight eye makeup and an orangish peach lip shade has been used. 

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