‘Cascading Christmas’ by Hair Maestro Ramzi Rahaman

10 December 2020 11:48 am

Words : Mandulee Mendis 
Model : Minali
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya

The Hairstyle

Hair has been combed tight, tied and gelled at the top of the head. Hair has then been formed into a tall cone which is adorned with strands of hair. The thin braids have then been wrapped around it to add luster. The texture created by the two colours of hair has added attractiveness to the total look. The light brown colured ends of hair have been curled and let loose to cascade in style, complementing the colour of the over-sized poinsettias fixed on to a side. The cascading curls fall down from around the cone, making the hair cone, the center of attention. 

What Goes with It?

Since the hairstyle is a high bun, the perfect dress that goes with it is a tube dress. Since it is Christmas, Ramzi has decorated the tube dress with classic Christmas decorations. In line with the bright red of the poinsettias, the tube dress also comes in bright red. Since the hairstyle is the center of attention, and since the tube dress is also adorned with Christmas decorations, Ramzi has gone with simple studs which are bright red stones. Yes, to go with the bright red poinsettias bright red lipstick is used. And to keep the spirit of Christmas, the eye shadow is all red and green because nothing speaks Christmas like there two Colours.

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