Let’s boost your immunity!

10 November 2021 10:33 am

Words : Mandulee Mendis 

We are all struggling to get on with our daily lives in the middle of a global Pandemic. The best precaution we can take in fighting this virus is, to boost our immunity system. Living in a country rich with Ayurvedic medicine, we have various promising options lying around us. Lanka Woman spoke to Dr. Tharka Darshani Kumari to know about immunity boosting methods in traditional medicine. 

Drinking water is important 

Water is a solution to many problems. Drink plenty of water and hot drinks keeping the moisture of your throat. Make it a habit to constantly drink hot water. 

Drink a lot of herbals drinks 

Drink koththamalli and weniwalgeta often. A good precautionary drink could be made with suwanada kottan, raskinda, raw ginger, katuwalbatu and kalaanduru ala. The ingredients could be found in any Ayurvedic medicine store. Put these ingredients in a clay pot and add seven cups of water and boil. When it is simmered down to a one cup strain it and drink a half a cup in the morning, and another half a cup in the evening. This drink is guaranteed to clear away the respiratory system from any blocks.

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