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Traditional Elegance by Ramzi Rahaman

6 April 2022 08:06 am

Model : Tishini Poornima
Words : Mandulee Mendis
Photos : Nirmala Dhananjaya

Since this is the season of Sinhala and Tamil New Year, Ramzi has focused on the spirit of the season in his hairstyles for this month. He has done an elegant modern hairdo to go with the traditional Kandyan saree. The total look is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern elegance. 

The Hairstyle

This is a beautiful hair style with a simple modern touch. From the front, hair is backcombed with a front strand parted from the middle. This creates a traditional ethnic look. The strands freely dangling down add a modern touch. Hair combed back are divided into strands and heavily gelled. The low bun at the back is formed with twisted coiled hair that are interwoven freely. The hairstyle looks quite neat from the back. Instead of the plain traditional hair bun, Ramzi has come up with a creative hair bun with a unique design. He has adorned the hairdo with frangipani flowers adding to the typical traditional look. What else speaks of Sinhala and Tamil New Year better? 

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