Paradise Island’s Queen of Nail Fashion Art

1 July 2022 09:20 am

One of the most important aspects of a woman’s personality is the state of her nails. A lot can be said about a woman and her disposition based on her nails and how well she takes care of them. However, this cannot be true for everyone, as there are, obviously, exceptions.

Nail art is something women go crazy over. Beautifully manicured nails decorated with a touch of creativity in the form of what is called nail art are a fashion women find themselves drawn to. Nail art is a fantastic way to portray, embellish, and significantly improve your nails.
Nevertheless, nail fashion art is different from nail art, and not just by a single word. A nail fashion artist is a top-tier position in the hierarchy of nail art and all positions related to it. A nail fashion artist outspreads her talent for designing nail art and extends it towards creating a fashionable masterpiece that synchronizes the attire of the individual with her nails.
Experience an inspiring read of a summarized chic interview with Dinupa Jayasooriya, the exclusively superior nail fashion artist in Sri Lanka, who is, without a doubt, on par with the level of international nail fashion artists dominating overseas.
Being the daughter of a family of talented artists, Dinupa showed exceptional skill in drawing and art from a young age. Her passion and enthusiasm for art fuelled her desire to learn more about the subject, so she was constantly working towards improving herself and aiming to create better works of art.
To Dinupa, art was magic. And she wanted to be able to create this magic on her own: to strengthen her creativity and artistic talent by focusing on the basics, making her foundation related to art stronger, and improving constantly.
Experimenting and contemplating on new ideas for unique and innovative methods to create better artwork gave her the practice and qualities required to become the best nail fashion artist in the country. Her choice of nail fashion art to be her major focus in life was based upon her love for art. When questioned about why she chose this type of art specifically as her line of work, Dinupa said, “Being able to draw on an object as tiny as a synthetic nail; the thought of having such talent in me made me excited to pursue this particular stream of nail fashion art.” True to her words, she was able to master the art of nail fashion, from the simplest detail of choosing the right hue for a certain color patch, to assembling all the pieces appropriately to create the perfect outcome.
However, her path was not an easy one, as is the case with any such journey to success. Even though Dinupa had a burning desire to master the art of nail fashion, the scarcity of teachers teaching the subject here in Sri Lanka posed a challenge to her aspirations. Yet, being the strong and determined woman she was, Dinupa put in all her effort to learn everything about nail fashion art.
Not willing to be pushed down by this boulder of an obstacle, this immensely creative soul, determined to conquer the challenge, focused her time and energy on learning all the basics, techniques, and tips by traveling abroad in search of the right teachers. Finally, after a long journey of hard work and tons of effort, she managed to successfully learn the necessary information required to get her own magic started.
Dinupa loved experimenting with her creations and techniques. This is what led her to the fabulous position she is in today. After having learnt the basics, she focused on trying out new techniques; better and more effective ways to improve the quality and overall beauty and lifespan of her creations.
But, no matter how much she adds to the initial theories, she always emphasizes, “Never forget the basics.” Even if you develop a greater number of new improvements, if you lose sight of the basics, then your creation is as good 
as gone.
 Dinupa is indeed a wonder when it comes to bringing the beautifully drawn drafts in her sketchbook to life. Whorls of roses, all red and dazzling; tiny mushroom houses, tingling with magic; and enchanting models of sea octopuses, all majestic and daring, were undoubtedly sights to see!
All these ideas—displaying talent and creativity at their best—come to her naturally. A simple design of a green-tinged leaf becomes a whole new design at the hands of Dinupa. From artistic depictions of serene woods to fiery embodiments of passionate hearts, this veteran nail fashion artist has managed to capture the souls of many international and local individuals alike.
Sculpting the models on the nails is no easy feat. Specialized products are used along with acrylic paint to create and add color to the model. 
Every single petal of a rose on a nail has to be handcrafted, and this requires an unimaginably greater amount of patience. Gazing at Dinupa’s mind-blowing designs, her level of talent, patience, and determination can be deduced to be infinitely large.
Along with the design for the nails, Dinupa also creates the attire and hair with the matching theme, so that the model can be dressed up accordingly. This is the vital point where nail fashion art diverges from nail art: nail fashion art focuses on the entire individual – face, hair, and clothes, while emphasizing the beauty of the nails. This is a uniquely impressive form of art that is a popular fashion choice in the international arena of fashion.
 Dinupa also coaches aspiring and interested individuals on how to create and improve their nail fashion art skills. She is the founder and teacher of the Nail Art Academy, where a large number of budding talents are created under her guidance and supervision.
It is evident by the skills of her pupils that Dinupa is not only a talented nail fashion artist but also an equally talented teacher. The Nail Art Academy utilizes new and creative methods of education and inspires the students to think outside the box. Nail Fashion Exhibitions are held to provide the students with a learning experience, display their talents, and build awareness about the subject among the population. This show is uniquely held by Dinupa and her Nail Art Academy in Sri Lanka.
Dinupa is a unique and outstanding nail fashion artist in Sri Lanka, who has proven that her talent is on par with that of international nail fashion artists. She has won the local award for being the Best Nail Fashion Artists in Sri Lanka at the Flame Awards of 2016. She aims to increase the awareness that people have regarding the field she specializes in. Hence, it can be said that an exemplary figure such as Dinupa Jayasooriya should not only be praised and admired but also be seen as a talented and creative soul who is also confident and courageous. 
Her thirst for knowledge and constant improvement is truly commendable, as this is what allows her to stay the best in her field of passion, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the international level nail fashion artists around the world.

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