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Can you measure beauty by fairness?

26 February 2024 07:31 am

Beauty is a subjective concept. It cannot be measured by a single criterion. Its essential to recognize that beauty encompasses diverse qualities beyond just fairness or the external appearances. Cultural, societal and personal perspectives contribute to shaping the definition of beauty.

 Words -  Dr Sharmila Samaranayake

 Fairness, in terms of physical attributes, has been historically emphasized in certain cultures, especially Asian cultures, including India and Sri Lanka. In these societies, still fairness has been idealized as a symbol of beauty, often rooted in historical and societal constructs. Sometimes, this preference for fair skin has historical origins, linked to privilege or wealth. In some cultures, lighter skin was associated with higher social status, as it suggested a lifestyle that avoided outdoor labour. Whereas, darker skin was attributed to hard work and labour. Overtime these perceptions have evolved, yet remnants of such biases still persist. However, it is crucial to challenge and broaden our understanding of beauty. Beauty isn’t confined to physical attributes. 

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