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Bridal Beauty Unveiled An Enchanting Hairdo by Ramzi

17 June 2024 07:44 am

In the realm of bridal elegance, where timeless tradition meets contemporary charm, Ramzi, the Master of Bridal Beauty, unveils a mesmerizing hairdo designed to enrapture hearts and turn heads! This enchanting bridal hairstyle embodies a perfect fusion of grace and allure, destined to captivate and inspire. Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting artistry and irresistible allure of the hairdo, designed to make you look your best on your special day!


Model - Kavindi Nethmini
Words - Sachini Perera
Photos -  Jagath Dharmakeerthi

The Hairstyle

The front part of the hair has been raised high in a bun. The strands are neatly combed to one side from the front, and skillfully positioned at the back of the head; styled as a bun; with thick strands of hair entwining each other. This design creates a sophisticated and neat look, perfect for a trendy bride. Ramzi has adorned the hair with a stunning silver-and-white flower ornament, further enhancing the beauty of the hairdo. 

What goes with it?

The eyes are emphasized with daring black eyeliner, with a light shade of eyeshadow, while a light pink lipstick would add to the overall look of the hairstyle. Long silver-and-white earrings can be used to pair with the hair ornament, along with a matching bead necklace of the same colors. White and colors of similar hues for the attire would suit the hairdo well, improving the beauty of the jewelry.





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