How to be happy the simplest formula to happiness

12 September 2019 10:35 am Words : Munsifa Mashoor On our flight home from our honeymoon, we get on the plane, we take off, go above the clouds 50,000 feet above sea level. She goes to the tiny little airplane bathroom. She comes back to our seats and she looks me in the eyes and says, “I’m pregnant.” (Omg) It may be funny to some of you. She had bought the tests in the Malaysian pharmacy airport. She had it. It wasn’t just, “I’m pregnant.” It was like “I’m pregnant, see?” (showing the pregnancy test strip) Are you a parent? If you are, do you want your kids to be happy? We all do. We all want our kids to be happy, and you know what? Even people that aren’t parents (which is amazing, lol) want their kids to be happy. My wife says to me on the plane, she’s like,”I just want my kids to be  happy.” You know what I said? That’s not possible.  I had all these books come out, all this stuff and I wasn’t happy during that. I wasn’t sleeping. I had lost 40 pounds due to stress, and you know what everybody at work was saying to me? You look great. (lol) So I said to my wife,”You can’t make yourself happy. It’s random.” And I started a nine month research project. When you go to Google, which is as you can tell where I began all my research, and you type in: how to be. What do you think the first suggestion is? It is, ‘How to be happy.’ You’re right. As a society, are we there yet?

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