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Valentine’s Day

3 February 2021 12:16 pm

14th February is a very special day for everyone who enjoys, experiences and loves Love. It is that special day of the year that we celebrate the people we love. Firstly let us take a small walk down history to get to know the brief history of this special day. There are many theories and explanations to the origins of Valentine’s Day. Therefore let us look at the most promising origins.
 Valentine’s Day is said to have originated during the times of the Romans, attached to a ritualistic approach on love and fertility. Further Emperor Claudius executed two men by the name of Valentine, their martyrdom was celebrated by the Catholic Church as St. Valentine’s Day. At this stage it wasn’t very romantic. However, it was the renowned authors Geoffery Chaucer and Willaim Shakespeare that Romanticized the date. Latterly the American based company Hallmark printed the first Valentine’s Day card and ever since that day Valentine’s Day has never been the same again. It is now extravagantly celebrated throughout the world. A day devoted for Love, Passion and Romance. 
In the present I see a couple of misconstructions with Valentine’s Day. Highlighted by the critiques meaning those who oppose such celebrations. Firstly some folks tend to think it is a day devoted only for lovers for example to that of a relationship between two people courting for marriage. On the contrary it’s a day for Love. Love does not necessarily involve only the above mentioned segment of individuals. The term “Love” includes all relationships based on love. That of love between a mother and her child or between close friends or between a pet and its owner. I can go on, but I’m aware you clearly understand my distinctions. Therefore let us make it a day to celebrate everyone we love with no segregations.

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