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Enhancing the Early Years Post Covid-19

5 April 2021 01:54 pm

The very word MONTESSORI conjures up pictures of children amidst a smiling teacher. Politicians use the name loosely to explain the childish and spoilt behaviour of colleagues. The rest of the country uses it as a means of convenient understanding. “Kohedayanne? Mohn-te-ssoh-ri-yata” If only the powers that be know the benefits of this single most advanced program of the early years they would rush to establish great Montessori-based facilities around the country. Sad to note that they are aware of only half-truths. 


Not blaming the half-baked bureaucracy really, because we as advanced Montessorians, haven’t done much to correct the thinking and mindset. This is due mainly to the fact that some sectors of Montessorians are of the thought they have exclusive rights to the label. No one does. That’s the reality. Guarding the workings of a Montessori styled setting is not a secret anymore.Personally, I do not allow it. I want parents and teachers to know the full value of a Montessori-styled education for children/students. Having steadfastly been a transparent educator has had its fair share of pitfalls but I enjoy learning curves. 
The transparency came full circle when I installed CCTV access in 2010 to include every parent where working spaces could be observed from home/office or from anywhere in the world. The access was and still is exclusively for parents. 
If a child is crying and agitated, the parents see it. They simply observe how we interact. If a child takes a toss, yes, that too is observed. If a child is not engaged, there it is for parents to view. At the onset, parents who observed quietly learned about their children; they went on to become great at parenting. Others merely took the opportunity to dig holes for the sake of it. Each evening I review the tapes. Each evening there is a story about the wonders of childhood. My research on parenting continues. 

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