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Creating structure for children during a pandemic for transcending childhood memories

2 August 2021 09:55 am

Words : Prabha Rupasinghe

It is tiring times for all of us, isn’t it? Most of our children are stuck at home, restless.  They are losing precious time taken away from their childhood, the time that they could have used as a foundation to develop their skills for the future. But like most things in life – we can’t change what is happening in the world right now. So as adults – we can do things – we can focus on the positives and work hard – or else we can complain. But I believe all of us will choose the former. So here is a battle plan for those tired mothers out there. 

First, decide on the timeline for each child

It can be 7 a. m to 8.00 p.m. or it can be 5.00 am to 10 p.m. First, establish a good time segment for your child – from the time he was up to the time he has to go to bed. Consistency is the key. 

Make sure that she makes up her bed and cleans up herself

When they make their bed in the morning, a child will feel that they have accomplished a task first thing in the morning. Also, there is very good science-backed research showing that the neatness introduced during childhood can help with memory, learning and basic math. 

Allocate time for lessons and homework – make sure to keep printed material 

It is very easy to slack off and let your child play with the phone or any other device even after finishing lessons. But remember, the responsibility is with us to bring in and raise decent, successful human beings. So, do not let these tiring times be the new normal for your child. Make them allocated time to use on screens, turn everything that teachers send into paper and work in the old school ways. Keep separate files for subjects. 

Avoid social media like the plague 

For children under 18 or even for older children – social media can be like poison  as it should not have space to occupy children’s minds. So take the time to observe the online classes, do not despair with the challenge. This too shall pass. But till then, as responsible adults – we need to see how the children of our future can gain the best of technology and avoid its habit-forming platforms. 

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