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Mothers, are you spoiling your children?

8 March 2022 10:17 am

Namali had her first baby when she was twenty two and and it was exactly nine months after her marriage to Pradeep.  It was her first experience of caring for a newborn.  Namali found that she had to keep changing nappies and nursing the baby and Pradeep didn’t help.

Maybe she should have asked for his help but she hadn’t bargained for so much hard work. She hugged and kissed the baby and showered love on the infant.  Day and night, the little child took up her time and her husband had no choice but to take a back seat. Pradeep started doing Overtime and drinking with his friends and his home became a nursery.  Namali concentrated on her baby and she found herself running behind the toddler to stop her from putting her finger into a plug point. Namali  found that she had no-one else to love so she poured all her love onto the little child.  Pradeep concentrated on earning money and both parents  felt that they were doing their best by  buying clothes and even earrings for the little girl. As  the years went by,  Namali had another child and she continued to spoil her children while her husband continued to spend time with his friends and drinking.

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