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Building Emotional Security For Men

10 June 2022 10:43 am

The glue which binds the family together is a father figure. In today’s society, it can be a step dad, a male or female partner of the child’s mother. It could be a relative, a friend, a neighbour or teacher. Men have a very special place in the lives of children. What children like most is that they can depend on this figure for security. 

Fathers are as unique as mothers. They tend to ponder on certain issues. Most dads try not to rush into decisions unless provoked. Some give in to pressure. Some take a backseat and some go into overdrive. Just as much as mothers, fathers too do need emotional security. The difference is that they are not as vocal about it. 
Since the onset of the pandemic and the continuing economic crisis, our men with families have had a constant struggle to help feed their families, tend to the elderly and sick parents/relatives and become involved with raising their voices against public injustices. They have had to face daily challenges such as finding fuel for transportation or standing in endless queues for their essential food and a cylinder of gas to cook their skimpy meals. Nutrition has become a dream for many while others find it almost impossible to hang on to their existence. Job security is constantly on the fence. 
In this scenario, situations have turned volatile. Tempers frayed. Behaviour in tatters. The onset of emotional security is at high risk. The public have seen the tears of men, totally bewildered and shocked at the turn of events. Men have become vulnerable as never before. The argument that “men don’t cry” has been shattered showcasing that men are human too. 
Women react differently to tense situations and as a result they have different coping mechanisms. Women are known to ‘cry over everything’ which is an excellent way to release stress. Not so men. Their emotions are mostly suppressed.  When upset, women are more likely to express their feelings directly, and to seek the support of friends and family, whereas men hide their emotions or withdraw. Men often feel that they need to be self-reliant, courageous and quiet. They are focussed on providing for their loved ones and hide their own emotions. 

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