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Children & Social Interaction

7 September 2023 09:37 am

A boy of 14 sat in isolation at a peer’s birthday party. He was observing the happenings around him with much interest and a smile crept up his mouth each time someone squealed or got caught in an excited game of cricket. His sister brought him food and drink which didn’t appeal to him. Mother prodded him to  “go and play” to which he simply scowled. “Let him be” cautioned an elder at which the teenager flashed a thankful smile.

Words - Shanthi Wijesinghe

It was only towards the end of the 4 hours that he began moving his muscles. He stood up gingerly flexing his arms and legs. He strolled around the garden. What sparked my interest was that no one bothered him except his mother …sigh!. He passed by me a few times. We got talking. Turned out he loved reading and Shakespeare! He was fascinated as I recounted my visit to the English Midlands, Stratford-upon-Avon, Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and shared photos. We reviewed many plots and themes and when it was time to say good bye he introduced me to his mum saying : Thank you amma for bringing me to the party..I had a really good time!” His mum looked quizzically at me. “Shakespeare” I said, and she shrugged in exasperation and eye roll!!! 

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