Transform your Kitchen Into an exciting space with these modern ideas

6 October 2021 07:59 am

One of the busiest spaces in a Sri Lankan household is the kitchen. For centuries, womenfolk, especially have dominated the kitchen, performing daily chores to feed the family. During special occasions such as a wedding reception or the Sinhala and Hindu New Year, kitchens are filled with the aroma of homemade spices, chitter and chatter of womenfolk, children running around tasting bits and pieces of snacks that are being made etc. 

In fact it’s a space bustling with excitement. Even though the traditional fireplace has been replaced by modern amenities, the kitchen still remains to be an important space in any household. Today, kitchens are transformed in to unique spaces with minimalist designs, wall décor and various elements of architecture to make it an interesting space for the family to socialize. 

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