Vegan Food Hacks Ordinary ingredients with extraordinary results

6 May 2019 12:48 pm Words : Catherine Douglas One of the most common questions vegans get asked is “what do you eat”? In reality, it’s not all salad and carrot sticks, vegans usually eat the same dishes that they consumed before they made the switch. They just replace the animal ingredients with plant based ones. Think about it, what gives your dishes flavour when cooking? It’s the herbs, the spices and the sauces - the marinades, the sambals and the salsas. Thanks to the magic of the internet there is now a vegan substitution for every ingredient you could imagine. “Tuna” sushi can be made with tomato, roast “beef” with gluten flour, and banana blossom for “fish” and chips. As more people realise the benefits of going plant based, creative cooks are sharing their recipes with the online community.

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