Pregnancy and Baby

10 January 2022 02:18 pm

We are now slowly and steadily approaching the very end of your pregnancy, very soon you will have your very own bundle of joy to hold and cuddle. By now it is advisable for you have stopped working and taking as much time to relax and rest. You may be longing for the pregnancy to be over, yet still feel apprehensive about labour, the birth, and becoming a parent. The baby takes up all the space in the womb, so he kicks and punches rather that shifts his whole body. If he were born now, he would have an excellent chance at survival.

Changes in you

  • Heartburn, indigestion, and breathlessness should lessen once the baby’s head drops into the pelvis.
  • Your Bladder is under pressure, so you may want to pass water frequently.
  • Your growing belly is really altering your usual weight distribution, so concentrate on good posture.
  • The rate of weight gain will have slowed, and by week 38 may stop.  
  • The “nesting instinct” is often strong; you may feel so full of energy that you clear out every drawer and cupboard in the house. However, don’t overdo it, resting is the key at this stage of your pregnancy.

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