Lifestyle Changes of the young child

9 November 2022 10:34 am

Life pre-covid was a breeze in comparison to that of the present day. Children demanded and parents provided. Even if the quality of food was of poor-quality, children ruled. Parents were able to afford most of the demands. 

Post covid, zooming to the present day, what was spent on sweets, ice-cream, chocolates, crisps, chips, biscuits and colas are now spent on essentials. Parents are economising at every turn and the children are learning the game of survival without the add-ons. Life is tough for under 10s. No more can they use their mobiles on a whim to order pizzas and snacks when instant cravings and hunger pangs arrive. No more can they chomp on instant and junk food. Children are showing signs of fatigue and stress, poor concentration, moods and aggression ; typical withdrawal symptoms of a chemical imbalance. More so because the lifestyles are undergoing drastic changes. 
On the flip side, children of smart parents are taking the opportunity to bring in bygone recipes from their own childhood. By doing this, children are learning about their ancestral cuisines, family recipes, preservation methods and cooking styles. Instead of biscuits, snacks and crisps parents are trying to involve their children in making banana fritters, breadfruit and cauliflower savouries and healthy flatbreads. I wish the entire population of parents could contribute to the cause and save their children from the monstrous disease of diabetes.  
I often used to see grandparents buying ‘treats’ for their grandchildren at supermarkets. The children always opted for crisps and colas. On are occasions a grandparent would give a healthy choice and the children would select one or the other quite reluctantly. Of late, such 
scenes are few and far between for obvious reasons. 

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