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Benefits of a Vegan Diet

22 May 2023 03:40 pm

Vegetarianism is increasing in popularity for a variety of reasons, including the health benefits, religious convictions, worries about the well-being of animals or the use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics in livestock, and the desire to consume food in a way that reduces the impact of one’s diet on the environment.   

Words - Sachini Perera

The increasing number of vegetarian restaurants, the widespread availability of fresh vegetables throughout the year, and the expanding culinary impact of civilizations with mostly plant-based diets have all made vegetarianism more desirable and accessible. The health benefits of vegetarianism are not exclusive to strict vegetarians. A Mediterranean diet, for instance, emphasizes plant foods and uses meat sparingly because of its association with a longer life and lower risk of various chronic diseases. Even if you are not ready to give up meat entirely, you may ease into a vegetarian diet by replacing some of your meat consumption with fish or other plant-based proteins a few times each week.

When followed properly, a vegetarian diet has numerous positive effects on health. You won’t go very far in your quest to improve your health by cutting out meat but instead subsisting on refined grains and sugar with very little in the way of fresh produce.'s-Interest/530905




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