The Pride of a Kandyan Bride

7 June 2019 02:05 pm Words : Mandulee Mendis The pride of a Kandyan bride lies on the traditional jewellery set, which is proudly called Agasti. The practice of wearing the Agasti set on special days is a tradition followed by generations. If you are a bride who longs to be dressed in the prestigious Kandyan saree, here’s the story of Agasti, the beautiful set of traditional jewellery.

A symbol of nobility and wealth

Agasti, is not merely a beautiful set of jewellery, it has a story behind it; just like everything traditional, it depicts a lot of things. The Origin of agasti jewellery set goes way back to Kandyan kingdom. Agasti jewellery were worn by royalty during that era. These jewellery were crafted by a caste of people whose livelihood was making jewellery. That’s how much significant jewellry was, in Kandyan era. Royal families and aristocrats of Kandyan kingdom wore agasti jewellery as a symbol of nobility and wealth.

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