Valentine’s Day for Day Dreamers

7 February 2018 03:02 pm Text by Sirohmi Gunesekera (Teacher, Attorney-at-Law and Researcher into Human Relations & The Family Unit) You don’t have a lover so you will feel that Valentine’s Day must pass you by as just another day! But wait a minute!  Don’t be grumpy and feel melancholy. Look back on your life, from baby days onwards. Surely you must have known love somewhere along the way. No no...I am not talking of falling in love forever and a day. There are many who think that Valentine’s Day is for sexual love between a man and a woman.  Radio Stations and the media will build up Valentine’s Day enticing boys and girls to spend money on cards, food such as Sweetheart Chocolates and entertainment in the form of Valentine’s Day Balls.


What about the hundreds of men and women who don’t have A Significant Other in their lives?  Are they to feel jealous or cheated by Life? Come on...let’s not feed our negative feelings. So what if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now? Look back or look forward and think positive. Do you have a neighbour with a little boy?  One year on Valentine’s Day I was in a Chocolate Shop and a young Mum walked in and bought five chocolates to be gifted by her daughter to the boy next door.  The little boy was five and the little girl was just four years old! You don’t have to be young to celebrate the Day set aside for Love. Of course, history records that Saint Valentine married couples forbidden by the king to wed since he wanted bachelor warriors with no commitments. Leave the history aside and make the most of feeling positive and reaching out to others with loving gestures and words. Please click on the link below to read full article.,’s-Interest/ friends-smiling-and-sharing-box-of-chocolates_13339-35525 (1)


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