6 Tips for a Happier Baby

4 March 2015 11:52 am
Compiled by Jessica Mathiasz

A baby is a light to the family. When you become a mother for the first time you are lost; you don’t know what to do and it changes your whole life around. But eventually you will find that the baby becomes the center of your life. In the earlier days it was entirely the mother’s job to take care of the baby. But now it has changed. Fathers are also very helpful when it comes to taking care of the baby. We at LW thought of sharing some baby care tips with the first time moms and dads to make it easier for you to keep your baby happy.


Most parents find it very hard to put their baby to sleep at night. They think that if the baby sleeps during the day he or she will not sleep in the night, so you tend to keep the baby awake during the day. But that’s a big mistake. It’s hard to put a tired baby to sleep. Have a nap-time routine for the baby. When the baby is well rested during the day, the baby sleeps well in the night. You should also make sure to buy the proper bedding for the baby and should always have them clean. When putting you little one to sleep massage the baby so that her nerves will be calmed. 3 2

2. Feeding

It is best to feed the baby with breast milk for the first few months. There will be lots of people telling you how to feed and when to feed; take all that advice but in the end the person you have to listen to is your baby. The baby knows when he/ she is hungry will and show it to you, mostly by crying. All you have to do is feed him/ her. If he/ she is full he/ she will stop, if he/she is not he/ she will show that he/ she needs more food. Always try and read the baby. You will eventually learn what to do. If you are finding it hard to understand the baby you should get some advice from experienced friends and family. (Your mom is your best option)

3. Skin care

A newborn baby’s skin is delicate and needs a careful approach to skincare. Avoid using baby products during the first few months. Make sure you keep your baby in the shade to prevent him/ her from getting sun burnt. Whenever there are rashes or any other skin irritations it’s always good to consult a doctor before it gets worse.

4. Play with the baby

Babies love attention. Always try to keep your baby entertained. Babies also love clourful things and pictures. You could use toys that are not harmful to play with your baby. Make sure they are clean. You can also make different sounds and get the baby to react. The baby’s brain grows by responding to your actions. 5 4

5. Bathing

Babies are the happiest when they are clean. It is up to you to decide how often the baby should be bathed. Some babies are reluctant to bathe, so try to make bathing fun for the baby. It’s better to use a cleanser made for babies instead of soap. You should also use very soft towels when cleaning your baby. Do NOT use your towels. That is a very bad move.

6. Diapers

Everyone hates changing diapers. This job gets easier with time. The new mom and dad should take turns changing the nappy; that way both could get used to it. Changing your baby’s diaper is very important. Always make sure your baby has a dry bottom in order to prevent nappy rashes. Make it a point to clean baby clothes separately from your clothes and make sure the baby clothes are super soft. It’ll keep the baby happy and when the baby is happy you are happy.
(Source - Internet and Dr. Spock)
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