Arsulana Eco Lodge & Ayurveda Spa

8 March 2019 12:56 pm Arsulana is a dream land set amongst lush green vegetation, forest footpaths and crystal clear waterfalls whilst being situated in Kalawelldeniya, Ginigathhena, so close to Hatton and and the Central Highlands. Standing unperturbed by the sights and sounds of city life, Arsulana is a bungalow that lies on a high elevation further up from Kithulgala around 1200 m from sea level, Symbolising the untouched forests with its fauna and flora in full bloom and wild-life such as deer, birds and wild boar catching your sight, and the only other sound is of the creek flowing past. When you enter the 50 acre estate of Arsulana, you will feel the coolness of the weather at once. A welcome feel of pure, clean air with nature and natural beauty surrounding you, this is the ideal place to relax, rebound, and give your body and soul the luxury of pureness and serenity. Please click on the link below to read full article.,’s-Interest/ PHOTO-2019-01-28-08-31-49(1) PHOTO-2019-01-28-08-31-49 PHOTO-2019-01-28-08-31-51(1) PHOTO-2019-01-28-08-31-51 PHOTO-2019-01-28-08-31-53(1) PHOTO-2019-01-28-08-31-53 PHOTO-2019-01-28-08-31-54 PHOTO-2019-01-28-08-31-55


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