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Review of Eight Cascades: An Investigation of Bambarella Trek

3 November 2020 06:00 pm

Words : Charindu Ureshani Knuckles Range or Dumbara Forest Reserve is a fascinating environment gifted to up country by mother nature. Without any doubt the captivating features of Dumbara are enhanceD by the range of waterfalls. There is a beautiful rural village at the border of Dumbara Forest called “Bambarella” and a popular area among the travelers, trekkers and hikers due to a number of cascades, water ways, and the instantaneous changes of ground. This is a magnificent review for nature lovers to explore eight waterfalls in A single day single journey. The reachable waterfalls are Rahas Ella, Huluganga ella, Thaliya Watuna Ella, Kosgama Ella, Lebanon Estate Waterfall 1, Lebanon Estate Waterfall 2, Jodu Ella and Saree Ella. (Order from Waththegama to Bambaralla route Among them Huluganga Ella, Jodu Ella and Saree Ella are very famous. It’s definitely going to be a very exciting, adventurous experience and better to plan the trek beforehand. There are also several places where you can enjoy a cold fresh bathing of pure spring water. (It will be a little difficult to cover all 8 cascades if you spend too much time on bathing).

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